The best sites to download music online

Music is considered as a universal language by everyone in the world. That is why you are always looking for the best sites to download music online. Many of these platforms are paid, but it is a legal way to get your favorite music.

Others, on the contrary, are free, but with risks of bad sound, among other things. Here are some that may be useful to you.

Youtube per click

Considered the second most used search engine on the internet, in it you can find a large number of songs by your favorite artists. This platform allows you to download music in MP3 format without having to download the video.


One of the sites to download music on the internet for free is this platform. In addition to being very popular, it has a large repertoire, both of celebrities, free porn and new artists. Its use is advantageous because it is quite simple to use.


It is usually one of the favorite music download sites for cover lovers. It also has a large collection of songs, which can be downloaded, or if you prefer you can just listen to them. From this site you can find the application available for your mobile phone.

Amazon MP3

The same store where you can buy other products offers you music. In this case, as you imagine, it is not free. However, there is one or another song that you can get for free. The disadvantage? If you decide on a song that is free, you must take into account that its quality will not be the same as the paid one.


Considered a social platform, but that works completely as one of the sites to download music. Above all, of new artists. You can do this for free and if it comes from your heart, you can donate something to the artist you are taking the music from.


It handles the same ideals and concept of the previous site, the only difference is that when you download the song that is of your preference, you can vote for the one that seems best to you. It is a way to interact with the site and with the musicians who share their art on this anal website.


One of the sites to download conventional music, ideal for homemade people whose favorite genre is rap. Here you can find new musicians or good covers of well-known songs.

Internet Archive

Its name in English is Internet Archive and as the name indicates, this platform contains large collections of music that you can get for free.

The most surprising and interesting thing about this site is that it is not only for music, here you can find books, photos, videos, audiobooks and much more.

It is among the most popular music download sites on the internet. It is very interesting, since it works as a kind of radio, where you find the option of being able to download the music you like. The only disadvantage of this platform is that not all songs have a download option, but it sure is worth a try.


It is also among the popular for downloading good songs. It has a large number of artists and best of all, it is free. This platform can be used from the computer and even on your mobile filme porno phone.


This recommendation goes for lovers of classical music. This platform was made by a non-profit organization, with the same name.

They have a free license and also offer you the scores of certain songs, if you are one of those who practice this magical genre.

These are just an opening of the many music download sites that you can find on the internet. Always check what is the best way to get the songs you like and legally.

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