New musical trends of 2020

When a new year is coming, one of the questions that are often asked is about new musical trends. In addition to the different ways in which music reaches people, it also often generates anxiety about how the music industry, production and composition will evolve during the year.

New musical trends

In recent times, in terms of musical genres, Latin music and especially urban music, has had great popularity in many parts of the world.

Even being criticized by many people and loved by others, the truth is that this industry grows every day. It may be because most of your audience are people in their teens.

Since 2019 this genre rose like foam, along with the trap. And the way things are going, 2020 will follow this trend. The only thing is that it will be influenced by the classics of this same style. Pop is still in the limelight, however, not as harshly as in other decades.

Other trends in the industry

Making a prediction of these types of trends is not very easy to tell, especially these days, where with the progressive advancement of technology, all other things are affected, both positively and negatively.

Concerts in streaming

This point is not taken as a trend in this 2020, but, nevertheless, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, online concerts have become the most popular. And this is one of the ways that artists can continue in constant communication and contact with their fans. Everything from the comfort of your home.

Analysis and promotion tools

The record companies and streaming media of a provider seek to offer a joint service to artists that can provide new methods of analysis and promotion to the public. These new methods of course focus on social media and public acceptance of these platforms.

Artificial intelligence

This is based on musical production, especially by arranging the melodies and voices to offer a better quality product. The inclusion of this point in musical trends is that it will not only be applied in the creative process. But also in the elaboration and commercialization of music.

Interrelation between the various industries

One of the things that are sought in this 2020 among the musical trends is that the various industries are included, such as music, fashion, cinematography and photography. In this case, they want to merge a little more in order to offer good products.

Loss of control of record labels

This means that nowadays, thanks to social networks, artists have more power. This is because of the closeness they can have with the public, which in turn generates more weight and great job options.

Where the work of managers is also very marked and loaded with greater responsibilities, who seek to project the greatest aspects that they have and better sell the artist’s product.

Predicting or foreshadowing the new musical trends for this year was surely a challenge. Thanks to the pandemic, many aspects and not only in this matter, radically changed the panorama that had been foreseen since the previous year. However, the best thing to do in these cases is to stay positive and let things take their course.

Music is an important part of life, regardless of a person’s age, young people, children and the elderly alike enjoy all kinds of music, and musical trends can influence socially in many ways.

No matter the musical genre you prefer, you will surely be able to find a variety of melodies available to be heard and enjoyed by anyone.

Stay up to date with the news of the musical world and do not miss a detail about the new musical trends in the world.

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