Apps to download free music

Life without music is meaningless and although in this age technology allows the famous streaming services to be had, many still prefer to save various songs on their devices. That is why various applications to download free music are also widely available.


It is not an official application released for download from digital distribution platforms on mobile devices. Therefore, to use it you must first make a series of configurations on your phone.

This application allows you to download free music from YouTube and even the videos if you wish. It offers the downloads in a fast way and in the format you want.


It works like a good search engine, it allows you to play the songs of your choice before downloading them and saving them directly to your music player.

Another option that this application offers you to download free music is that you can share the music with other users through the use of Wifi.

MP3 Downloader

This is one of the most popular by users who own Android devices. It works as a search engine that offers you all the music that is available on Google Play. If you don’t want to download the music, you can play it in the same application and if you get from your favorites, you can easily download them to your music player’s library.


Other famous applications to download music, depending on the service that suits you. Spotify is one of the platforms that can be used from your computer and in the same way from an application on your device.

It offers you different types of music that you can easily obtain, however, many people prefer the Premium version, since it allows you to do different things. But this is payment.



Among the applications to download free music, this one gives you the options of listening to songs and creating playlists of your favorite genres.

The modality of this platform is that it is the same users who share the music, so you can also do it if you wish. It is a simple application that offers you a great variety of music.

Deezer Music

A novelty in the world of applications to download free music. It offers you a wide variety of songs, both current and new artists. It was created with specific algorithms and this platform recommends songs for you thanks to the searches you are doing.

One of the novelties that it offers you compared to the other applications is that it has most of the lyrics of the songs available. In addition, it lets you create playlists that you can listen to from wherever you are.


Excellent option that even allows you to download complete albums of your favorite artists. This platform interacts as a bridge between users and other sites where you can get the music you want in a matter of seconds.

The truth is that its use is very simple and like the previous ones, it gives you the option of listening to the music or downloading it directly to your device.


Another initiative that gives you the option to download free music from YouTube. It is mostly based on downloading videos, but this does not detract from it. It has a good search method, since an inventory with approximately eleven categories was included, including the most popular of the moment.

At the rate that technology is used, it will surely not be long before all these applications are improved or simply cease to exist. For now, it will be up to you to choose the one of your preference.

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