Dance music and its main exponents

A style of melody that has been around for some years and has undoubtedly become one of the most important of the last century. And like all other genres, there are some artists in dance music who have had a great influence on this type of genre. So, if you love this style, don’t hesitate to know what they are.

Daft Punk

A French duo that became famous since the 90s, it is made up of Guy Manuel de Homem Cristo and Thomas Bangalter. With eye-catching custom helmets, they always put on gigs like no other. This pair of influencers in dance music are a reference for the new artists of this genre, receiving great recognition on many occasions.

Armin Van Buuren

Named for 5 years running as the best DJ in the world and with several Grammys, Armin Jozef of Dutch origin is a great influence on dance music. He has also been recognized for his show, where he allows young entrepreneurs to realize their dream to be part of his record label, this being one of the most important of this style.


Regarded as a legend, this Dutch-born DJ is a dance music icon. Being one of the most important thanks to the successful albums he has made, it is an inspiration for the new promises of this musical style. He is also one of those with the highest income and great achievements in the Grammy academy.


Famous Canadian DJ very popular for the mask he always wears in his performances. Joel Zimmerman, who has been in this genre for more than 20 years, has won great prizes and ventured into the world of video games.

David Guetta

Iconic and considered one of the greats of dance music, this DJ of French origin. He has been making history for several decades and has made significant collaborations with artists of other genres, raising his fame much more. He has even been part of the list of the 10 best DJs in the world on several occasions.

dance music


Simply legendary, despite his sad ending, Tim Bergling has been one of the most influential DJs in dance music despite his short career. Having in his repertoire great hits that left many of his songs resonating for hours. Avicii, who died suddenly in 2018


One of the DJs who has taken flight in an impressive way thanks to his incredible skill in creating dubstep. Sonny Moore is one of the great icons of dance music, making himself known for the first time when he was part of a group that leaned towards the hardcore genre. He even mentioned that one of his great inspirations has been Marilyn Manson.

It stands out for its great and sensory presentations, in addition, that it has been awarded eight times at the Grammy Awards.

Martin Garrix

One of the youngest in the dance music industry, he has already achieved great reach with his songs, filling his image with a series of awards. In addition, he has been named for three consecutive years as the best DJ in the world, after in 2013 he achieved unparalleled success with his single Animals.

This being one of the genres of music preferred by many people of different ages in the world. It is certain that it will have many exponents with great initiatives that will mark history in dance music.

Dance music has undoubtedly had the best artistic representatives, who have marked the history of music in general. Each of these artists, with their own style and originality, has known how to elevate the dance genre to take their name to the top of the musical cusp.

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